Chef Andre
Once there was a boy named Andre who wondered what he might be when he grew up.
His dad was an accountant. He asked Andre, “Do you like working with numbers?” But he did not.
His mom was an interior designer. She asked, “Andre, would you like designing interior spaces for homes and offices?” But he did not.
He often spent time with his grandma and helped her in the kitchen, and he asked her what he might be.
His kind and gentle grandma said, “Andre, you’ll be what you are meant to be. Now, hand me that towel and let’s finish up this fresh pasta.”
Swindling Steve
Swindling Steve—he makes my blood boil!
He’s like a rattlesnake in the
desert, wrapped in a coil.
Ready to strike and cause pain with his words.
Oohhh! That guy gets on my nerves.
His words are poison, and they’re meant to hurt.
I want to rub his face in a pile of dirt.
Better yet, manure. Let him have a taste.
Just smother it all over his smug, little face.
My parents tell me I shouldn’t think that way.
But they don’t have to deal with
him every single day.
Book signings, it will be a breeze.

It’s funny; when we started putting this book together I really didn’t give much thought about doing book signings. It wasn’t until the publisher told us that they would be contacting bookstores for possible book signings/ meet-and-greets that the thought entered my head. I have to tell you, I consider myself a very outgoing type of person. I thought “Book signings, it will be a breeze.” I love talking to people. I got this.


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