There are so many minutes in the day that can be filled with small moments of reading and laughing together with your kids. So I am always thrilled when I am introduced to new books of short poems and stories that we can read together in the little bits of spare time in the day. Today I am excited to introduce you to “When the Day Ends… and Dreams Begin…” by Don Rose and Javier Lopez, with illustrations by Rayanne Vieira. This fun and colorful book is made up of small stories and poems that range from heartfelt and endearing (especially the poems called “Amazing Me” and “Moms”) to the silly and hilarious. (My daughter has repeatedly requested “Rocky the Rock, the Rock that Could Walk”). There are lots of important lessons in these stories, and they offer an easy reminder for kids, or a jumping off point for discussing important topics (being proud of yourself, growing up, and following your dreams are all covered). These poems are all illustrated with vibrant and colorful artwork that brings the poems and stories to life, and are sure to entertain young readers. The animals are all adorable and the people featured are diverse in skin and hair color.