Books 1 & 2

Are you ready to take a trip where dreams and reality collide?
An adventure of sorts, are you ready for the ride?
Forget what you think you know and jump right in
To where the sun sets and all your dreams begin!

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Open these books and meet our friends and family, starting with Uncle Frank, the dog, a fish named George, and of course, Rocky the Rock—the rock that could walk.
You’ll also find out that there are two sides to a story, what you can get with loose teeth, and all about a very unusual time when you go off to the races.

For All Ages from Zero to Infinity

Moral Stories and Poetry for Children


I'm a Frog
Once upon a time, a little frog left his pond to visit his grandmother in the big pond beyond the hills. The little frog was happy and excited for this big adventure as he hopped away.
Soon, he ran into a mouse. “Hi, I’m a frog,” he said proudly.
“I’m a mouse,” said the mouse.
“What can you do?” said the frog. “I can hop and make this great sound: RrrrBbbbTttt!”
“Gee, I can’t do that,” said the mouse.


We all know dads are tough, but when I started to read
About different types of moms, well, I just couldn’t believe!
It’s funny how male lions are King of the Beasts,
Yet the female lions are the ones who hunt for the feasts.
Take a black widow and how it can be,
The female with the red dot is the most poisonous, you see.


Amazing Me
Has anyone ever told you how great you are?
How you shine so bright like the brightest star?
You’re so unique, there are none like you.
So, with all this greatness, what will you do?
As for me, I let my imagination soar.
Every day is an adventure, a new world to explore!
One day I’m an astronaut, deep in outer space,
Searching for new worlds to discover a new place.