About the Authors


Don Rose

Don Rose was inspired to write When the Day Ends…and Dreams Begin… because of his close relationship with his children and grandchildren. He recognized the great talent of Javier Lopez, his son-in-law, when Javier penned a poem after the loss of Madison, the youngest child of Don and Jenny, in 2015. Together they wrote this book for all to enjoy.

Don is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, an Army veteran, landscape architect, artist, and on the Board of Papillon Center for Loss and Transition in Monterey, California. He lives in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, with his wife, Jenny, and their dog, Uncle Frank.



Javier Lopez, born in Northeast Los Angeles, is a Marine Corps veteran. While serving in the Marines, he had the chance to visit different parts of the country and got to live in Okinawa, Japan. His experience living with the Okinawans inspired him to learn more about other cultures. He has been writing poetry since the early age of thirteen. He loves getting lost in the words of his poetry, and especially loves seeing the smiles on the faces of those he shares his poems with. He is excited to share his poems and Don’s stories with the world.

Javier currently lives in Brentwood, California, in the Bay Area. He is married to his lovely wife Holly, who is Don’s daughter. Together, they have four beautiful children, Antonio, Sebastian, Chloe, and Giana, as well as their family dog Roxy, all who have helped inspire him to write these poems.

Family Dedication