Multi-Cultural Anthology

Don, do you have a favorite short story?

I would have to say the ‘Rocky the Rock, the Rock that could Walk’ started it all. A fun quirky story about a rock on the ocean floor that wanted to see more of the world. When he finally makes it to a sand beach and is excited to be at his destination,a young boy throws him right back into the ocean. That is where the story takes off. What do you do when you are a rock? Such a fun adventure begins. There are more stories of Rocky in Books 2 & 3, now being developed. Needless to say Rocky and Rocky fans are in for a real treat. Rocky the Rock is a cornerstone to our books. Come along for the adventure.

Javier, what inspires your poetry?

When it came to writing this book it was all about letting my imagination soar. I thought of things that brought a smile to my face and would make my kids laugh. As well as experiences in my life. As soon as I started writing one it was like a flood gate opened and things just started coming to me. It has definitely been a really great experience.

Will there be a sequel to When the Day Ends... and Dreams Begin?

Yes. There will be two more books in this series. We are having a blast bringing our imaginations to these pages and into your hands.

Don - How do you start a story?

How do I start a Story?
These are stories I told my children as they were growing up.

I typically tell my storioes at night when they are going to bed. I tuck my child into bed and then I lay next to them and begin to tell a story. I usually choose a simple subject like a duck, a puddle, a rock and the story unfolds as I talk. The subject has a personalty, is kind and funny and has a message that is often very positive. I don’t do scary stories and I don’t do stories where anyone gets hurt. I want my children to think of all things with a personalty, a cloud, the rain,a flower or a stone as important and part of the texture of life.

We are all in this together is my basic theme in storytelling. The stories generally are not long but contain a lot of detailed information. I tell the story with enthusiasm and my child listens carefully but get sleepy as I talk. When I am done I kiss my child on the forehead and say goodnight. We both can’t wait until tomorrow night, who knows what the story will be about and what adventure will take place.