Amazing Me

Has anyone ever told you how great you are?
How you shine so bright like the brightest star?
You’re so unique, there are none like you.
So, with all this greatness, what will you do?
As for me, I let my imagination soar.
Every day is an adventure, a new world to explore!
One day I’m an astronaut, deep in outer space,
Searching for new worlds to discover a new place.
Or a racecar driver, who drives real fast,
Trying to reach first place and avoid being last!
But if I end up in last place, I’m not bothered the least.
I’m glad I still tried and drove like a beast.
Some days I’m a construction worker building a new home.
The last one I built was the shape of a dome.
So much to do, so much to choose,
With all of these choices, you know we can’t lose!
How about a doctor who helps with a pet?
(I believe that kind of a doctor is called a vet.)
That would be fun, so many animals we’d see!
A dog or a horse—how happy we’d be!
How about a people doctor, who helps kids like me?
Helps fix them up so they can run free.
Or a marathon runner, cross-country or track,
Just keep on moving, don’t stay where you’re at!
The sky is the limit, so reach for the stars.
The future is bright and the future is ours!
So, if no one has ever told you how great you could be,
Just shout to the world, “I’m an Amazing Me!”