I love the concept of Rocky the Rock. He is at the bottom of the Ocean and loves his life with all the fish, coral and things around him but he wants to see the beach. He wants to get out of the water and experience a completely different life. Think of what it must be like to be on dry land with the sun on your back after being in the cold ocean.

When he finally gets his chance, through a storm, to land on the beach, feel the sun and just start to see what takes place on a beach suddenly a boy picks him up and tosses him back into the cold ocean where he started. “WHAT!!!”
How does he get back on land, wait for another storm or take matters into his own hands?

He walks, of course!!

This concept is just so funny to me , a rock with skinny but sure little legs that just walks out of the ocean. I love the juxtaposition of a “rock” walking. Then the adventures start. Rocky the Rock will have many many adventures and I can tell this story to my children every night. The story will be familiar but always different.

Rocky is my great character that I love.