What I Love about a book full of Short Stories and Poems with good Morals

This book was written with good intentions and a fun read for children. I envision parents reading to young children, Grandparents reading to grandchildren and children reading out loud to others.

Teachers reading to a classroom and an enthusiastic discussion of the stories and poems afterwards.

A Rock that can Walk, Loose teeth, This old Bike are all stories that we can all visilize and have fun with but Two sides to a Story is just too good. I think this poem about what one side is thinking, in this case “Let’s go get the gold at the end of a rainbow” and the other side the Leprechauns saying “This is our gold and we aren’t giving it up” This is just too funny. Each side has a good point, each side is correct but each side opposes the other. It will make everyone who reads this ponder the question of Two Sides to a Story, any story.

I love that Javier takes both sides. I hope this poem continues in the next two books with different subjects. I will look forward to that.
Stories and poems, to read over and over and get new messages each time. A fun Book.