We all know dads are tough, but when I started to read
About different types of moms, well, I just couldn’t believe!
It’s funny how male lions are King of the Beasts,
Yet the female lions are the ones who hunt for the feasts.
Take a black widow and how it can be,
The female with the red dot is the most poisonous, you see.
Then there’s the praying mantis, I bet the males live in dread,
Once they make babies, females bite off their head!
You’ve heard about mama bears and how their baby is their heart,
If you get close to their baby, the mom will tear you apart.
Moms are so fierce, I have to say,
If they’re ever upset, get out of their way!
If I get approached by a bully who’s mean and strong,
Sorry Dad, but for my backup, I’m calling Mom!